It’s another UFO—That wasn’t



Having decided that it was time to clean out the basement, my husband and I have been chipping away at the storage down there. You know what I mean—the piles that accumulate because, “Hey, it might come in handy one day,” or, “This is too good to throw away, someday I’ll find someone who can use it.”

(And don’t you just hate it when you get a gift and just know someone was trying to unclutter their basement?)

Anyway I came upon this UFO (unfinished object) in a bag. What memories! I started it maybe 40 years ago and—as I remembered it—never finished the hand quilting. No time like the present.

I pulled it out and dragged it upstairs.

Okay, to finish it I need:

  • Needles and thread
  • Special thimbles so I don’t pick my fingertips apart with the needles
  • Oh, and a frame to hold it so it will be easier to handle. A floor frame, of course.

Next step: Amazon. Found just what I needed and then I found a few more “cute” gizmos for crafts. All must-haves of course. Order placed.

An hour later, I got to inspecting the quilt. Well, I searched and searched and it was all quilted. There wasn’t even an inch that needed more work. It wasn’t a UFO at all. When, I wondered, did I actually finish it? (And mend the rips, too.)

Just another UFO that wasn’t. How sad.