Hindsight is 20-20, right?

IMG_1636-2.JPGPhoto: Peyote Stitch Amulet Bags by AE


Looking back, I should have named this blog Weaving It Together.

As happens to all of us, I cycle through periods of different interests. When I started this blog, I was learning to knit and thinking of all the possibilities it entailed.

But now my thumbs are sore from the repetitive motion, I have done over a dozen sweaters, as many scarves plus blankets and ponchos, and mastered the tension of my stitches enough to feel “accomplished.” Yes, I’ll keep knitting, but not as obsessively.

To give poor thumbs a rest, I decided to return to seed-bead weaving. I like the wider range of colors, the different textures available and, well, the fact I can be more creative with beads than with yarns.

Now, having finished a gift for a friend in the UK, I am embarking on my next beaded piece.

The first step in planning a piece is to get your colors together so I spent a few satisfying hours going through my bead stash this morning. In so doing, I discovered a bead and fiber piece I did many years ago.

IMG_1638.JPGBeads and Fibers by AE

I had stashed it away in a bag because I felt it was not very good. But in hindsight, and to my surprise all these years later, maybe it’s not so bad after all. It was my first try at bead and fiber work and you can’t know everything when you try something for the first time. Yes, I can see where it needs improvement—some of the beads are too heavy for the piece and the threads were pulled too tight, causing the spaces for the beads to shrink so it bunches where it should lie flat. These are all challenges to overcome and now I look forward to trying another one. I even have the beads ready to go:



As for the seed bead project I am starting now, here is the palette:


I won’t use all those colors…not by a long-shot. But I like to be prepared. Besides, the beads speak to you as you work–in a way yarns do not. So, I want a lot of them chatting together.