I have a theory and my theory goes something like this:

Millenia ago, before the melting of the ice sheets that once covered much of North America and Europe, there was an advanced civilization living upon this earth. It was one that surpassed us in many ways–but maybe not in the ways we think. Maybe not in machines, in oil based technology, or in the destructive practices we call “progress.” Maybe they had other ways of doing things–ways that our understanding of Quantum Physics only hints at today.

I call this the Tep Zepi (aka Zep Tepi), the First Time of the Egyptians. It is known by other names–the Satya Yuga or Golden Age of the Hindus, and as other places–Shangri-La, Shambhala, and maybe even Atlantis. (Oops, did I just use the “A” word?)

There are bits and snippets of this history left for us to discover and explore. Maybe if we could knit these pieces back together….

Under the category Lost History, I explore these bits and snippets, presenting the highlights with links so that one may explore further. When they make sense and are not contentious in tone, I will include a contrary point of view. This category is meant as a reference for me, an introduction for people unfamiliar with the material, and as  a summary, however incomplete, of the information out there.

Under the category Tall Yarns I present speculations–fantasies if you will–of what might have happened. These are posted as the visions of a Seer in the Book of Knowings.

Under the category Mysteries, I present some of the weirder stuff out there–things that are just plain fun, whether “real” or not. (And who knows, maybe we create the “real” by consciously dwelling on it. Take, for instance, the Slender Man meme.)

Finally, there is the Book of Knittings, a log of my more crafty endeavors with commentary.


Patricia Giacquinta, PhD

November 5, 2015

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, just found your weblog via the Fool Card in Karen Kemp’s Yugas FB page. I have yet to delve into it but you sure have alot of material here! I look forward to investigating what you have. I’m a recent convert to Graham Hancock-ism.


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