Willing Sacrifice: Chapter 16





“To call up Paralda, the King of Air, I need a symbol,” Aidan said. “Something to represent air. Do we have any wind instruments around here?”

Jimbo snickered.

“Jimbo, you are too much,” Kian chuckled as she retrieved a feather from her father’s study. “Will this do?”

Aidan inspected the feather brought to him. Its shaft was wrapped in leather and had tiny beads woven around it. “Where’d you get this?”

“It was my mother’s,” Kian replied.

Aidan placed it on the table. “Have any incense?”

“I think so. Dad used to keep it in his desk,” Kian said as she opened one of the drawers. When she found what she was looking for, she took it to the gas stove in the kitchen. “Let’s see if this still works.” She lit the burner and held the stick of incense over it. When it lit, she placed it on a bowl of small crystals and brought it back to Aidan who placed it next to the feather.

“How about a candle in something blue, glass preferably, maybe a bowl or jar? Look, if you don’t have it…,” Aidan called after Kian as she headed for the pantry. His surprised look delighted Kian when she returned with a small votive candle in a small blue bowl.

“I don’t suppose you’d have a wand around here, would you?” Aidan asked.

“No, there was one, Mr. FBI, but my father took that when he left.”

“Okay, then,” Aidan replied, exchanging glances with Jimbo. “I think we can begin.” He motioned Jimbo and Kian to join him around the table, now set up as a makeshift altar.

“The first step,” Aidan said, “is to protect and define our space. There are many rituals to do this, but I like one called the ‘Ritual of the Rose Cross’.”

He faced southeast, the corner of the room next to the fireplace. With his outstretched arm, index and middle fingers pointing, he drew a cross in the air.

“Now visualize a blood red rose in the center of the cross,” he told them.

Almost instantly and in her mind’s eye, Kian saw a perfectly formed velvety soft rose with drops of dew clinging to its petals.

Maintaining an outstretched arm and pointed fingers, Aidan spun a circle around the rose they visualized, pointed to the center of the circle and he intoned, “Yeheshua.”

He then circled to the southwest corner and repeated the procedure. From there he repeated the procedure at the two other corners of the room before facing the southeast once more. He raised his arm up toward the ceiling, turned, and pointed up just above the altar. Again Aidan drew the Rose Cross, intoned the name, and brought his arm down to the northwest corner. From there he swung his arm further down, pointing to the center of the floor under the altar and repeated the procedure one more time. Having formed six rose crosses, one in each of the six directions, he connected them all, circling his arm to do so.

“The ritual may now proceed,” he announced.

Aidan then took a deep breath and intoned a odd sound, one that combined the sound of rushing air with some syllable strange to Kian’s ear. She tried to remember the sound but just as quickly as it entered her ear, it vanished.

“Paralda, King of the Sylphs, attend us,” Aidan commanded. “We have need of you this day.”

Aidan raised both his hands in the air. “You who rule over the air, over the winds, over every breath we take, you who give power to our voices, attend us now. May peace be between us.” Aidan bowed low.

A tall slender being materialized before them. It reminded Kian of a hologram. She noticed that even Aidan looked amazed.

Elfin like, with gossamer clothing shimmering as if blown by a soft breeze, the entity had pointed features that were delicate. A ring of silver circled long golden white hair flowing with unfelt breezes.

“Welcome, Paralda,” Aidan said.

You have summoned me?

Kian heard the voice in her head as much as in her ears.

“We did,” Aidan said, his voice trembling. “We ask to know about the Ark. We have seen that the pipes summon the Elementals, strong forces indeed. We wish to know more.”

Paralda seemed to consult the Unseen before speaking.

You are wise to view our denizens with respect. I will tell you about the pipes, but first there is a history that must be told.

In the days of old, in a time no longer remembered, there was a knowledge and understanding of nature and of her denizens that stood above anything you could even imagine today. For then it was the Elementals, those amorphous beings which form the four major elements–earth, air, fire and water–that powered civilization, much like fossil fuels and nuclear power do today.

These Elementals were directed by us, the Kings, for without us, the Elementals had no bounds. You see, my dear, fire only knows to burn, not where or when. It was our job, the job of the Kings, to direct them in their tasks, to keep them within bounds so they might be of service of humankind.

This was the way it was intended, Elementals summoned by humans under our guidance as the Elementals–and humanity–spiraled upward on the intended evolutionary course.

But your species was given a unique gift. Free Will. You alone among the Creator’s life forms can choose your destiny and act upon that choice.

And that is how the Creator’s plan went wrong.

There were those among you who chose to break the plan and so they summoned the Elementals without our guidance for they knew we would never allow the greed and destruction they planned.  

No longer controlled by the Kings, the Elementals were misused to selfish and evil ends. They were bought and sold among the Evil Magicians of your race, becoming little more than slaves to those who wanted only to possess them for the power and wealth they could bring.

And so the wars began. But not wars as you know them. There were no guns or bombs, just bands of demonic Elementals commanded by one human to destroy another.

And as these wars escalated, it was not just kingdoms that were destroyed, but the earth itself. Whole chunks of land were made to fall into the sea. Wind storms of tremendous proportion devastated whole cities, and floods ravaged continents.

Not satisfied, yet more clever ways of destruction followed as Fire Elementals, the most powerful of all, were forced to rain their destruction from the skies. Meteors and asteroids crashed down. The very earth itself caught fire and burned.

Finally, out of balance and sickened by man’s wanton use of nature’s forces, the Earth shifted her axis. The evil ones perished as life was wiped clean off the earth, or nearly so.

There were families who foresaw the destruction of the earth, the catastrophes that would rain upon humankind. They gathered the old Knowledge and placed it in Arks which they carried across the seas to places of safety far from the warring lords.

These were the first Keepers, and each went with three families who would help them. Those families were the Guardians. From that day, the Arks have been hidden. Guarded. Protected.

Kian Rudha Buchanan, Keeper of the Sacred Lineage, listen carefully to me. In order for there to be peace and tranquility on earth, YOU MUST ONLY CALL FORTH ELEMENTALS UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF THE KINGS.

Yours is a grave responsibility. Sacred Keeper, do you understand this?

Kian, ashen faced and solemn, replied, “Yes. Yes I do.”

Then I will show you how the pipes are used.

Aidan Duncan Scott, raise the pipe to your lips and sound it firmly.

The sound that came out was neither pleasant nor unpleasant. It echoed through the room and then seemed to flow out into the larger world.

Suddenly thousands of tiny sparks descended down the chimney, through the cracks of the windows, even through the walls as if they could move through the spaces within the atom itself.

With them came winds, tremendous circling currents that threatened to knock lamps and furnishings over. Tiny pinpoints of light darted about, seeming to pinch as they flew by. They were annoying and delightful at the same time.

Paralda held one hand in the air. Kian could just discern a tinkling noise, like breaking glass. The Sylphs, the Elementals of Air, spiraled in beautiful, wondrous patterns before her eyes. They seemed to flow in and out of Kian’s lungs, tickling a bit, but opening her mind as well.

Paralda looked lovingly over his gathering Sylphs, raised his willowy arms once again, and waved them into two groups.

He pointed to the first group.

These may run your windmills, generate power for you, and run your machines. They are willing to be of service, to learn and grow in the company of humans.

Paralda pointed to the second group.

These Sylphs are ready for more specialized work. They are best employed in a school on the higher mental plane, to open the minds of students and help them find the knowledge they seek.

He reached into the second group and pulled out two tiny sparks which he set in front of Kian.

And these two are ready for initiation, for that is how it was always intended to be. Under your guidance, they will seek out knowledge for you, seek out resources, open your mind, guide you to what you need. In turn, you must teach them right from wrong, you must help them evolve, and then you may initiate them as they become ready for their next evolutionary step. May I put them in your service?

Kian was tempted, oh so tempted. But this was not a decision she could make hastily. “May I think about it?”

Yes. You are wise and you have listened well to my words.

What Kian did next surprised her. She raised her right hand and placed it over the two sparkling Sylphs Paralda had chosen for her. “I bless you to the amount you are able to receive.”

She then looked at the two groups of Sylphs that Paralda had separated for her. “And I bless you to the amount you are able to receive.”

To Paralda, Kian bowed and humbly said, “We thank you for your service.”

Paralda gestured to his Sylphs who obeyed, formed one long line, and spiraled up the chimney.

Paralda then turned to Aidan, who had summoned him. With your leave, I will depart.

Aidan bowed. “We bless you. Peace be between us.”

And then Paralda, too, was gone, the room suddenly empty and quiet.





The ceremonial information is accurate according to occult traditions. However, the actions of Paralda and the Sylphs has been made more solid than would normally happen.

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