Book of Mysteries: High Strangeness



The Higgs Boson Field


So the last couple of weeks I have been thinking more about “high strangeness” and what that all means. How does it tie together? At this moment, I think it all has to do with consciousness, maybe that is the baseline that physicists skirt around when they seek the ultimate—the undefined something that explains it all. The unity.

What is High Strangeness?

The term was coined by Dr. J. Allen Hynek in an address to the United Nations on November 27, 1978. He was speaking about the world-wide phenomenon of Flying Saucers—UFOs.

Included in High Strangeness are such events as alien abductions, cryptogeographic beings such as Bigfoot, Nessie, and all the other “monsters” throughout history. Also included is the Men in Black phenomenon  and UFOs. Lately, it has grown to include the more extreme ends of the paranormal spectrum in general.

Tied in with all these are “synchronicities,” those meaningful coincidences (Carl Jung’s definition) that give us pause and jerk us from our “mindless” routines into a more mindful state. This change of consciousness is, I think, the key to understanding the phenomenon.

Is it real?

Basically, yes, the experience is real. People are experiencing communications with “otherworldly beings,” aliens, and crypto-creatures. (Yes, there are hoaxers, but not everyone is a hoaxer.)

Are the aliens and crypto-creatures flesh and blood? I am not so sure. I think that they are of our own creation—that we have the ability to create these experiences for ourselves. But I don’t buy that they are hallucinations—I think they have more substance than that.

I think there is a field out of which we create these experiences. Call the field astral, etheric, or whatever term you like better, I think that the basis of that field is the one thing that, in my opinion, existed before the big bang—consciousness.

The Higgs Boson or God-particle

Dr. Peter Higgs, after whom the particle was named, describes it like this, “…these particles are just packages of energy of some kind of field. And the feature [that] distinguishes this kind of theory…is the existence of what we, theoretical physicists, call the vacuum, which means nowadays something different than what it used to mean. It’s just the lowest energy state that you could possibly have in which there are no particles around but there maybe something around. And that something around can be a background field of some sort, which pervades the universe.”   (Italics mine)

So here is my thought: the field that pervades the universe is consciousness, pure and simple. (Well, maybe pure, but not so simple.)

What do all humans (and other living things) have in common? Consciousness. So what if our personal consciousness interacts with this background field and out pops these “god-particles” called Higgs Boson that create our individual reality? Then we interact with whatever high strangeness our consciousness initiates.

Indeed, this High Strangness pops in and out of the Higgs field of consciousness when the individual becomes aware of it.

Is this how it works?

So, what if one individual has a strange experience, as people have had for millennia. Let’s say the experience is akin to the Fairy Folk lore—being lured or abducted into some other-worldly place. But Fairy lore is not part of this person’s experience, so s/he comes to a different belief about it—alien contact. (Like fairy lore, alien contact can be enlightening or scary.) This person, from his/her conscious perception creates a new “reality.” This person talks about it, maybe even writes a book. Other people pick it up, now focusing their personal consciousness on it. They start having the same experience and it spreads even more. (Think how the internet is speeding this process.)

What has happened is the field of of general consciousness (Is this the Higgs field?) shaped by all those who have gone before has created (an attribute of the Higgs field) an experience with matter. But because we are not all participating in the awareness it is only semi-formed. Not quite solid yet. Our perceiver, unaware of the fairy folk belief, shapes it into flying saucers and aliens. That is what s/he sees. The belief spreads, reinforcing the field and creating more experiences. As the same belief or perception is propagated, the semi-formed matter becomes more and more formed, more and more solid, more and more able to remain in the “real” world. So more and more people experience this phenomenon, as has happened with Bigfoot, flying saucers, and all the other “paranormal” phenomena.

Until one day comes when enough people see and experience it and it stays in our reality, no longer able to shrink back to the “other dimension” of the consciousness (Higgs) field.

This would explain why High Strangeness is only witnessed by some—those able to focus their consciousness, and not by others who do not share the same belief. It would also explain why some people see these things blink in and out of “reality,” and why the observer affects the physicist’s experiments.


Image attribution: Gonis from es under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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