The Irish Round Towers



Glendalough Round Tower   Attribution: Hopmans at nl.wikipedia


According to Professor Phillip Callahan these enigmatic towers were built as antennae and they function much like the antennae of insects, picking up electromagnetic frequencies.

If that is the case, then the strange placement of the “doors” well above ground would have a purpose—to tune the tower to a specific frequency. In addition, many are filled with rubble, perhaps to further refine the tuning.

There is anecdotal evidence that electromagnetic frequencies can affect human behavior (Try walking by the Cliff of Tears at Gungywamp.   They may enhance meditation (Have you ever been in a place where you felt absolute peace and even transcendence?). There are studies supporting the idea that electromagnetic fields can have healing affects.

Were these towers intended to re-tune the electromagnetic energy of the sun, of lightening, and of other natural phenomenon to enhance spiritual development? Or perhaps to heal? Or maybe even as communication devices?

A star map:

Consider this: The position of the Round Towers, which seems random, actually maps the stars in the northern hemisphere on the winter solstice, perhaps the most peaceful time of the year. The night sky is one of three sources of detectable energy. (The sun and lightening are the other two.) The careful placement of the towers against the night sky indicates they were built for more than just protection from invading Vikings as is the accepted theory.

Another interesting fact:

Carbon dating at some of the Round Towers puts them at the 9th to 12th century AD. If they are electromagnetic structures, then the knowledge would have had to have been kept throughout the centuries. Certainly we know that the knowledge of dousing, an ancient technique to find earth energies and currents, has been carried through the generations and is still used today.

Worldwide antennae:

What about the pyramids, stone circles, standing stones, and other stone structures? Electromagnetic anomalies have been found at them. Perhaps they, too, refine electromagnetic energy so that we may access and use it. The phenomenon seems to be worldwide.

Professor Phillip Callahan’s fascinating work with natural energy and how ancient man was able to use it is a bit complex for someone who has no familiarity with radio electronics. However, one can get a sense of it by reading this article on the web.

It is an interesting read as the article also covers levitation in the Great Pyramid and suggests an Egyptian connection between the knowledge of the Irish monks and the ancient Egyptians.

For information on ancient knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum, see Glenn Kreisberg’s article on the Graham Hancock website.




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