Book of Knowings: The three gifts of Melchizedek

800px-Bee-apis.jpgPhoto by Maciej A. Czyzewski available under GNU Free Documentation License

She sat staring at the flame, as had her mother before her, and her grandmother, and their mothers and grandmothers for countless generations before them. She allowed her eyes to grow softer and then she saw it, the dark tunnel that brought the Visions. Sometimes what she got was so strange, she could barely understand it. Yet those were the visions most true:

“The Solstice is not now what it was then. Then the sun was so close you could almost touch it. We called our sun Naireo and because of the Light he gave, we honored him but not as the life-giver you know. We honored him as the Light-giver for his illumination was so strong, he lit even the darkest places.

 “We did not know that one day an asteroid would come crashing down upon us and we would be tossed off our little planet in the sky, raining our gifts upon you.

After that the images tumbled a bit and she had to remove her censor, the one that told her this made no sense. Then the face of an insect appeared and after a bit more tumbling, this is what she got:

“Our sun is so close, we must live underground in what you would call the daytime. I am the Guiding One, a Guardian of sorts, a Priest of Malik Zadok and these are his three gifts to you.”

She watched as small beings, more insect than mammal scurried about. Or perhaps they were another form altogether, she did not know.

“During the day my beings lived underground to escape the harmful rays of the sun. They ate a fungus that grew there, nourishing our bodies. They gathered the stalks of this fungus and held them together as you and your kind hold together the wisdom from the knowledge we brought to you. This was one of my gifts, food for a growing consciousness.

“By night, as one, my beings filed out of their cave and one-by-one were turned onto their back so that they could absorb what moisture was there. There was no darkness, but a glow filled the skies, a Light of sorts formed as the sun radiated back due to the gases of the planet. This Light they absorbed, too. They were a community and had what can only be described as One Mind so what one experienced, they all experienced.  

“Each night, some of their number stayed upright to guard the others. Then as the first rays of the sun Naireo appeared, these guardians turned their companions right side up so that, as one, they may file back into the cave and give some of the moisture, some of the Light to the funguses that grew there. In this way they were all of service, one to another. And that was my second gift to you, service.

“Because the fire within and without their cave was so hot, these tiny being developed an armour that would not burn. It protected them from the fires of their world and when those fires grew too high within the cave, these beings covered their life giving fungus with their bodies, protecting them. That armour was my third gift to you for you see consciousness and Light are one energy and it cannot be destroyed. And just as their armour protected them, so your conscious awareness protects you from the annihilation of the Light until such time as you are ready transform with it. Then you may burn with the Light without being consumed.

She watched as the voice faded and then she saw it, an asteroid crashing into an infant planet, one where life was only beginning just as it was dying on the hot planet of the Guiding One.

The life forms, dormant within the hard rocky shell of the asteroid burst forth in the salty waters of their new home. The waves splashed upon them washing away the armour which would become the template for asbestos in this new world.

Over millennia, the insect-like beings sprouted wings and formed new colonies but always they carried the Light.

The fungus grew and re-formed as plants will until they grew into tall stalks of wheat to sustain the other beings that would come to be. These beings would gather wisdom just as they gathered the wheat to sustain themselves. But always there was the memory that the gifts were from Malik Zadek, a consciousness that emanated from a Primal Being without form and without end.


Note: According to esoteric lore, Melchizedek brought three gifts from Venus, wheat, asbestos and the honeybee.  Reality? Allegory? Or could it be the pre-cursors did come tumbling from Venus. We know that the building blocks of life may have fallen out of the sky on comets and other space debris. So what if….?




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