Guadeloupe Woman: How old?



I wanted to do something that is just plain weird this week–all that thinking was getting to me, I suppose. And life should include a little weird fun.

So I decided to look into the Guadeloupe Woman, a fossilized skeleton of a woman discovered in 1812 and stored in the British Museum. Some internet articles claim the fossil is imbedded in limestone formed 28 million years ago.

At first glance I thought it a great find. After all, I like the idea that an extremely advanced civilization was on this earth maybe even millions of years ago. Unfortunately, the same evidence supporting my theory also supports Creationist Theories. And sure enough, when I went to look for differing opinions on the Guadeloupe woman, I found most arguments to be anti-creationist rants. Come on guys, look at the facts.

Is she really 28 million years old?

Unfortunately for my pet theory, no, she may not be that old.  It seems at least some of the “limestone” in the area is a concretion of calcareous sand, making her thousands not millions of years old.

But, in 1813 Karl König, Keeper of the Natural History collections at the British Museum, stated that the formation in which she was found could not be dated. Apparently, there are more recent ways to date limestone. Here is what I could not find: A current geologic analyses of the limestone in which she is imbedded.

So, honestly, I have no idea.

One other weird theory: “Beam me up, Scotty.”

I posted the original article on Facebook and a friend had another theory.  I quote her, “What did she do, beam herself into solid rock by mistake?”

I like that!

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