More evidence of Assyrians in America 4000 years ago


Last week I spoke about the Chief Joseph tablet and other evidence of cuneiform in America 4000 years ago. I mentioned that the tablet had been carried by Chief Joseph in his medicine pouch, a pouch that some say has the Star of Ashur on it.

Who was Ashur and did he have a star?

Ashur (also Assur) was the primary god of Assyria in the third millennia BC, (2000-3000 BCE). This, of course, corresponds to the date of the cuneiform tablets (2042 and 2040 BCE).  Like the gods of old, Ashur morphed from one name to another, one conceptualization to another, one geographic location to another.

The Assyrian symbols most commonly used to represent him are the solar disk and wings:

Wall_relief_depicting_the_God_Ashur_(Assur)_from_Nimrud..JPG                                                                                      File from Wikimedia in public domain


And, due to the hand positions this figure with the pesky purse has been identified as Ashur:



Even though Ashur is most commonly a sun god, he may have had the same roots as the god Shar, or Anshur, the “star of the height” or polar star. But that seems to be his only connection to the stars. A tenuous one at that.


Is that really the Star of Ashur?

The Assyrian Times presented this picture for the Star of Ashur:

Ashur5.jpg                                                               File from Wikimedia in public domain

But I could not confirm that the star is for Ashur and not a symbol of something else–like the goddess Ishtar. So that got me wondering: Was it really through Ishtar, not Ashur,  that we find the association between Chief Joseph’s symbol and Assyria?

This is the Star of Ishtar:

Kudurru_Melishipak_Louvre_Sb23_Ishtar-star.jpg                                                              File:Kudurru Melishipak Louvre Sb23 Ishtar-star.jpg in Public Domain
7f484574830bfd22ee630bbb58c82929.jpg     Ishtar. [Photograph]. In Britannica Online for Kids. Retrieved from


They compare quite favorably to Chief Joseph’s pesky purse–um, I mean medicine pouch:


But for sure, his pouch compares to the modern day flag for Assyria with the Assyrian star. And, yes, that is the symbol for Ashur above the star and rays:



One more tantalizing piece of evidence

The Assyrian Times presents this comparison as well:




Both the symbol on Chief Joseph’s medicine pouch and the similarity between the Assyrian headdress and the cradle board could be coincidence or even what archeologists claim is “independent invention,” meaning that two different cultures invented the same thing independent of each other.  But cuneiform writing as independent invention?  It is impossible for it to have been independently invented in both the middle east and America at the same time.


Information in this blog is from the much quoted articles by Benjamin Daniali of the Assyrian Times (as well as my own researches).


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