Adam’s Calendar: 75,000 years old and it works to this day


Discovered by Johan Heine and investigated by Michael Tellinger, Adam’s Calendar in South Africa is the oldest known Calendar, maybe the oldest known manmade site in the world. In the native language, Adam’s Calendar is called “Inzalo Y’langa,” which means “Birthplace of the Sun.”

It is the “Birthplace of the Sun” even now as the sunrise still aligns with  monoliths on the Solstices every year.

But why would we think that it is 75,000 years old?

Because three other monoliths perfectly align with the flat angle of Orion’s Belt as it rose above the horizon at the Vernal equinox just before sunrise 75,000 years ago.  (As time progresses, the angle at which the stars arise changes due to a phenomenon known as precession—why we have the Age of Pisces ending and Aquarius beginning today.)

But it could be older:  If it was built 160,000 years ago, then that, too, would coincide with the rising of Orion.  In addition, the erosion of stones that were tested suggested this earlier date.



According to Michael Tellinger, Adam’s Calendar is but one of thousands of stone circles in Africa alone.

Stone calendars can be found all over the world. Those in England and on the British Isles are the most famous. But America has Mystery Hill, Australia has Wurdi Youang, southern Egypt–Nubia–has the Nabta Playa, and China even has one in the Gobi Desert. These are but a few examples–there are many, many others all over the globe.


For more information:

The Ancient Origins article on Adam’s Calendar is (as always) excellent.

There is a short YouTube.  And a full two hour documentary. (Michael Tellinger believes, like Zecharia Stichin, that the Anunnaki genetically modified the DNA of primitive man to form a slave race. The full documentary outlines Mr. Tellinger’s theories about the Anunnaki–a view I do not share but one that is interesting none-the-less.)

And finally, Johan Heine and Michael Tellinger have published  a book  with fabulous photographs and great information.


Photo credits:

The aligned circle (Originally from Mr Tellinger’s website.)

Orion’s Belt.

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